Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot Wet Food

March 19, 2009


By Philip Cairns

Copyright 2009 by Philip Cairns

Freddie stuck his penis into the soft chocolate mocha cake.

Runny whipped cream dribbling down his legs.

Tongue flicking into rude, forbidden crevices.

Fascist police running down empty hallways.

Hidden guns in lingerie drawers.

Tiny, taut breasts.

Bent, silver, broken knees.

Vicious and evil words spewing out of vile mouths.

Craziness and lies.

Fat lips and broken teeth.

Lust is harder than concrete.

Dirty buggered bitch dogs.

Dank, frightened basements.

Ghosts and putrid deeds.

Ugly faces.

Pretty boys who need to shave.

Love and violet smirks.

The loss of innocence.

Ricky Ray

Saturday, April 11, 2009


By Philip Cairns

Copyright 2009 by Philip Cairns

I see him surrounded by Dark Forces,
Swirling around and engulfing him,
Strangling his Higher Self.
I try to send him love and light,
To ease his pain
And to stop the devilish energy from killing his goodness.

Ricky calls himself a Buddhist
Yet he is consumed with rage and vengeance.
I do Wiccan rituals,
To the light of a candle,
In the silent depths of the night,
Asking my Guides for a miracle.

This ugly, mean being tries to rob me of joy and passion.
My creativity sits on a chair, unused,
Like a soiled, torn garment.
Thick hands encircle my neck,
Distorting my voice and choking my Life Force.
I stand in court pleading my innocence
For I have done no wrong.

Ricky has no support system,
No life, no hobbies, no lovers or friends.
His tormented shadow falls on all my daily activities,
Like a rabid dog chasing me through a nightmare.

I watched a movie on my TV set.
One of the scenes was set in a beautiful house
Overlooking the ocean in Southern California.
I read a book where the main character owned an 8,000 acre ranch in New Mexico.
She roamed the mountains with her dogs,
Trekking through canyons and cool streams.

Oh, how I long to escape to these places.
To find solace in nature,
Surrounded by quiet and tranquility.
I wish for money to lead a proper life.
Forever the struggling artist counting his pennies.

Ricky professes to believe in Karma,
Yet he cannot see the consequences of his actions
In the here and now.

The Universe surrounds me in a cocoon of White Light and joy.
No harm will come to me.
This is merely a learning experience.
I am not attached to this man,
In any way, shape or form.

I send Reiki to the courtroom.
I am alone.
My Higher Self speaks to me
And I try so hard to hear the soft, faint words.

Ricky is drowning in a black, inky cesspool.
It is not my job to save him.
My biggest wish is for him to disappear from my life